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Our Community

This page lists some of the ways we serve the community and how you can become involved.

Stay tuned as we will be posting information about our various church committees soon.


Saint George Bookstore

The Saint George Bookstore provides a stock of Orthodox Christian books for people of all ages, icons, devotional aids, and other gifts for purchase.

We also take preorders for book titles and other orders that we do not have in stock.


The bookstore is open after regular service hours


Saint George Library

The Saint George Library contains a number of titles on a wide variety of topics such as the Bible, the lives and writings of the Early Church Fathers and Saints, Church history, and Orthodox theology.


We have titles of interest for people of all ages and varying stages in their spiritual life.

Orthodox Christian Catechism Class.jpg

Saint George Catechism Classes

Every Sunday after the Divine Liturgy and Agape meals Father Christian provides catechism classes for those who have questions about the Orthodox faith and/or have a desire to deepen their spiritual life. 

Orthodox Christian Sunday School 2.jpg

Saint George Sunday School Classes

The Saint George Church School on Sunday mornings provides guidance to help children and youth grow in their faith and knowledge about God and the Orthodox Church. 

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