St. George Lenten Charity Project 2021

About the Project


During the season of Lent, we live more simply.  

While we are always called to help our neighbour, in Lent we pay special attention to the needs of others.


St. George has built a special relationship with the Canadian Mental Health Association, and the people who use their Drop-In Centre.  Mental Health services are especially important during this pandemic time of limited contact and increased stresses, and like us at St. George, Mental Health find themselves coping with changes in what they can do.  We have been unable to cook meals for them, or provide home-baked treats.  They have had to limit the number of people who can gather. 

How You Can Help

The Charity Committee would like to use Lent to show Mental Health that we are still thinking of them. Could you help us gather some things that meet the needs their members have now? Some of these things you may have at home, and others can be easily purchased when you are doing your own shopping. 

  1. Things for people to pass the time. e.g. puzzles, adult colouring books, word search books, journals, sketch books.  Felt pens or markers, drawing or colouring supplies. DVDs.

  2. Personal care items. e.g. pocket/purse size hand sanitizers, black disposable masks, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shaving supplies, hair brush/comb, small mirrors

  3. Things for summer. e.g. Back packs, summer hats/caps, beach towels, blankets or yoga mats for sitting in the park, sunscreen, insect repellant, sunglasses

  4. Dairy Queen gift cardsThese are special treats for members.  A $10 card provides a meal and ice cream!

There will be a box at the back of the church for items you bring. Mental Health thanks the people of St. George for thinking about them.

If you have further questions and/or have some items that you would like to drop off outside of services times, please send us an email at